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My husband was doing some repair work on my car a few weeks ago and handed me some parts. "Find out what these are. They were laying in front of the engine." I discovered they were a PCV valve and part of the hose. I was able to replace the PCV valve, but the parts store did not have the hose. My husband then had to leave town before he could complete the repair (ah the military life). I had my car towed to a local mechanic. I handed him the old PCV valve as a reminder that I needed a new hose as well as my husbands initial repair completion. I picked up the car yesterday, it sounded different. There was a new clutch, but that was not it. More like a prop plane noise, it was slight. After the engine cooled, I inspected what I could with my limited knowledge. There was no cover on the battery, curious, but that was resolved. But what concerned me was that the engine was completely empty of oil. The plug is there, it is a new filter, that was changed while my husband tinkered, and the 5 qt jug of oil he bought was empty. I put more oil in it, and it has not leaked when I checked it this morning. The mechanic did forget to install the hose. Could all the oil have leaked out through the PCV system in the 8 miles I drove from the repair shop?

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Kathy, If you had an oil leak from the PCV you would most likely see oil all over the inside of the hood. I can't imagine that you could loose all that oil in just an 8 mile ride. Keep an eye on the oil now that you've changed it to see if it goes down. If it does, get it checked out. You do need the hose on the PCV, so get that taken care of right away, otherwise you will have a vacuum leak. I'm surprised you didn't get a check engine light. Good Luck. Lori Johnson

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