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one month ago we put in a new radiator because the rad fluid kept leaking out. We actually did not see the damaged rad but were told that was the problem and paid for the repair. The smell of antifreeze was evident since the replacement, but it was thought that some was spilled and was burning off. It was never mentioned to the mechanic, but as a general comment by owner and passengers of the car. Last night the housing surrounding the rad was being hit by the rad fan and we could see that the bottom and side brackets of the protective housing were not inserted as they should be. We drove it to the shop. When the shop opened the hood it was apparent that in that 28km drive that the fan hit the housing and blew apart damaging the housing and new rad. I was informed initially that the bearing was 'gone' from the rad fan and that it had to be replaced as well as the other parts:rad, fan, housing. Later i was informed that the water pump was the actual culprit and i was shown the open pump where the metal was bend in one "arm?, lung?" and how it would not turn in one direction, but did move freely in the other direction. This too would have to be replaced. Finally my question: Can the improperly attached fan housing cause the fan to do the damage to the water pump? or Can the water pump be the cause of the damage?

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Amanda Wetherill Holmes, Parts and Service Director and Vice President of Operations at Devon Hill BMW Rena, I wanted to double check that I was right so I went and talked to my shop foreman and I was correct the water pump is the cause of the damage. Cheers, Amanda

Donna Burmeister, Service Manager at Classic Nissan The shop that worked on the vehicle, for the radiator had to remove the fan assembly to gain access to the radiator. It sounds like they did not reassemble properly, causing more damage. Get a second opinion to be sure.

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