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I need to get the engine re-built. How do I find a reputable engine repair shop? What should I ask when I go in? What info should be included in an estimate?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Erica, The first thing you want to make sure of... is that the vehicle you are considering putting a rebuilt engine into is in good enough shape that it makes good financial sense. I have had various customers come to my shop wanting us to put a rebuilt engine in and when it gets towed in and we look it over, we advise them to send it to the junk yard and invest all that money into a solid vehicle. That being said, if your vehicle is worth putting a rebuilt engine into, you need to find a shop that is experienced with putting a rebuilt engine into a Pontiac Grand Am GT! A really good Volkswagen technician is not necessarily a good Pontiac technician. You need to understand what kind of rebuilt engine they are putting into your car. One that came from a junk yard that they are swapping over, or a re-built engine that comes with a warranty from the company that rebuilt the engine. I recommend the latter. How to find a good shop? Best way is to ask around for friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. You want a shop that keeps getting rave reviews. Usually a great shop will employee ASE Master Technicians, be AAA approved, be recommended by the BBB and have a neat, clean repair facility. If you purchase a totally rebuilt engine, that and the labor to put it in will be the main costs. There will be extra parts to connect everything...gaskets, ect.

Donna Burmeister, Service Manager at Classic Nissan It would be less expensive to purchase a re-manufactured engine than to pay someone to rebuild yours,plus the warranty on workmanship.Call Jasper Engine, the warranty is for 3 yrs and I believe 50,000 miles,or your GM has re-manufactured too.

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