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My oil light has been on for the last two days maybe more I do not know, now today half way to work my check engine light came on. Not only that but there is a strange noise coming from the hood. It is not a squeaking or a clanking or a scratching, and it is not very loud. Is it just that it needs oil? I do not really have the money to fix it and its my only way to work. please help!

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Christina, The oil light comes on when the oil is low. This is not a light to be ignored. I tell people when this light comes on you must stop driving the car immediately and add oil. Continuing to drive the vehicle will cause serious engine damage. I am surprised that your vehicle is still running if it has been on for a couple days. Check the oil level. Most likely when you pull the dipstick you will see no oil on it. Do not drive it without adding oil or you will be replacing your engine. If the dipstick shows a normal oil level then there is something wrong with your sensor and you need to have this checked as well. My guess is that the check engine light has come on because of low oil pressure. Take care of this right away before you cause more damage. Lori Johnson

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