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Hi, where do I go for help when I use my trade-in to get another car and the car deal does not go though? The car dealership not only gave me a bad check but they kept my car. Please please help me, my checking account is still bouncing as I am typing in this question??? PLEASE HELP ME FIND A LAWYER TO GET MY MONEY AND CAR BACK

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Cheri Fleming, Owner at Valencia Acura Hi Karen: Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. First I would try going straight to the Better Business Bureau. Please take a look at the link below: Secondly, I would contact the Washington State Department of Licensing. Take a look at the link below: Additionally, here is a link for bad check laws in each of the 50 states. It sounds like the dealer owes you your car or your money back. Good luck...I hope it all works out! Thank you!

Karen: Obviously without knowing the details of this entire situation this is difficult to answer, but first I would suggest the obvious...if your trade was part of the deal and there is no deal anymore...get your trade back! I'm assuming that maybe the dealership may have sold your trade already...if this error was made then you should at the very least get a check for the value of the trade that they were giving you...if THIS is the check that "bounced"...well you should ask to speak directly to the General Manager of the dealership and explain the situation to him or her and demand that you receive a replacement check that is assured not to bounce. If you are dealing with a reputable dealership they should want to make this right for might just be dealing with some employees that do not comprehend this as well as they speak to the General Manager. I hope this advise helps of luck.

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) First thing you do is contact the local Dealer Group and file a complaint, file a suit with the small claims court and then GO PUBLIC. See if your local TV station has a customer advocate program. let them know you plan to do all of these things unless they settle with you today. Do not sign any more papers without legal advice and be strong. If they truly have done all of these things to you you definitely have a case. Also if they have a new car franchise from Chrysler, contact Chrysler direct via the internet and file a complaint. Good luck

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