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I went in to get my transmission fluids and my coolant fluids changed by recommendation from my mechanic. Without even asking me, they also did the Fuel System Cleaning. When I saw my bill, I asked if that always went along with getting the coolant changed, and he said "yes". Is this true, or did they tack on extra stuff because I am a girl and I don't know better?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jessica, Each service is a separate entity, transmission, coolant, and fuel systems are completely different animals. No a fuel system cleaning does not pair with a coolant flush unless you do request it, or it is recommended by your mechanic in which you approve the work to be performed. I do believe there was a miscommunication issue, whether he recommended it or you did not approve of the work before performed, lines have been crossed somewhere. AJ Pierce

Donna Burmeister, Service Manager at Classic Nissan If you didn't request the fuel system service, don't pay for it. Only pay for what you requested. That service has nothing to do with the other services you authorized.

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Jessica, Your transmission system, coolant system and fuel system are all separate. One service does not have to be done with the other. If you did not request or approve this service, the shop should not have performed it. Your service manual should have a schedule for your vehicle of when to perform maintenance. Although it may have been time for your fuel filter to be changed, the shop should always get your *ok* before doing anything to your vehicle. Suzanne

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