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Hello, I recently got a tune-up and noticed that the timing of the gear was a little off. It was a little strange at first but then it disappeared. A few weeks later, I was driving and I noticed that when I pushed on the accelerator the engine roared like it was on neutral (with the accelerator being pushed down) and the gear had a hard time shifting. It is an automatic btw. Also, my speedometer gauge kept going up and down.I had to turn it off and then on again and it ran fine after that but I am still very concerned. Someone told me that the timing needs to be re-adjusted. I do not know what this means and if it is the case, how much am I looking at spending? Help!

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Yasmeen, If you have or have had a check engine light set due to these driving conditions you can go to your local auto parts store for a free code reading. If there has been a code that is set it may point you in the direction of your drivability concern. Timing belts typically are due to be changed every 90k miles. If you have a model that houses a timing chain there is no due interval of replacement. You have a cam shaft position sensor that relays a signal to the main computer on what revolution the cam shaft is on if it is malfunctioning it can produce the same drivablilty concern you are describing. AJ Pierce

Donna Burmeister, Service Manager at Classic Nissan With out looking at it, it would be hard to say what it is. I'd take it to a certified dealer for the diagnosis.

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