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Hi! My son had a 1988 Camry that was in excellent condition inside and out with low miles. We loved the car and he worked all last summer to make the money to buy it. It was stolen from a store parking lot last month. Three weeks later the police found it in a field totally trashed. Truly heart breaking! We did not know that these cars were so easy to steal! He purchased a 1989 Camry yesterday. It is in fair condition. He bought a club for the steering wheel. Aside from using the club, are there any other ways to make this car harder to steal? Also, there is a bit of rust around one of the tail lights. What can be done to stop the rust, or get rid of it? If a hole is left where the rust was how do you repair that? Thank you!

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Debbie Lee, President at Professional Car Care Clementine, Sorry to hear of your troubles.. rust is tricky you should have a body shop check it out. You can buy over the counter cleaner and repair kits at your local auto parts store. I would try that first then see if you still need more professional help. Debbie Lee

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Clementine, You can install an alarm system. There are many types out there, so be sure and look at all the features available. Unfortunately when someone really wants to steal something, they usually will. All you can do is try and make it a little harder. See Debbie Lee's answer about your rust question. Lori Johnson

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