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Hi Automotive Goddesses, I have a quick question. I left my van parked for a week. The battery is three years old. When I tried to start it there was no "rer rer rer" sound indicating that the van was trying start. Only a "clik clik clik" sound when I would turn the key. I figured - dead battery. I tried to jump it from a large pickup truck. I have jumped cars before so I'm fairly certain I had connected the cables correctly. Anyway, even after the two vehicles had been attached for 10 mins. with the pickup engine running, the van still would start and, after trying numerous times, no longer even made the clicking sound. So, my friend said something that made sense. He said that even if the battery was totally dead, it still should start when jumped. This was not good news as it means that something more is happening beyond just the battery. Is this true? Or, is it possible that when you jump a car with a totally defunct battery, the car might remain silent, as my van did. I look forward to hearing your response. Thanks so much for having this site! Lisa

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Lisa, You could have a battery that has a dead cell, which may not receive a "jump" from another. I would also have your alternator checked for performance as well, it can cause a draw off the battery if the alternator is malfunctioning. The sole purpose of a battery is ONLY to start the car. The alternator is what runs electricity throughout the entire system while running. AJ Pierce

Donna Burmeister, Service Manager at Classic Nissan Either the battery has an internal short, or the battery cables were not heavy enough for the load needed to start your vehicle. It sounds like you only need a battery.

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