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Bought a Saturn Vue w/out seeing the actual price on the window sticker because the car was in Miami (I did the deal in Tampa). Upon delivery I found a $425 difference between the sticker price with options and what I was charged. I did sign a contract, because I trusted the salesman. At the time of delivery I showed the dealership the math on the sticker and they agreed there was a difference. They are dragging their feet and they possibly overcharged me. They don't seem to think that I'm serious and I'm ready to call Saturn Central to file a complaint. They promised and did not deliver this Saturn Vue over the course of 5 days and now that I finally have it, I'm worn out. What should I do next?

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Shelly LoCascio, Dealer Principal  at Irwin Lincoln Mercury Mazda If you have not been refunded the "difference" call the owner or call consumer affairs. Shelly

I'm a little unclear as to what the $425 actually was...were there a few options on the factory window sticker that you did not necessarily want? If the answer to this question is yes, then this was probably just an unfortunate error and any reputable dealership should be able to work this out with you so that you're do have the extra options after maybe you can "split the difference." If you simply agreed to pay sticker price and then the dealership charged you $425 over sticker than you really should receive the $425 back from the dealership...this is just the right thing to so to keep a satisfied customer...especially if the $425 is not to cover extra equipment that is on the vehicle but is simply more money in the dealers pocket. I would suggest speaking to the General Manager of the dealership before calling Saturn...usually this type of thing can be worked out if brought to the right person's attention. Hope this helps.

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) Go ahead and contact Saturn directly, they will not be happy about the transaction and may help you out. You can also contact your state*s Attorney General*s office and file a complaint. However, first I would insist on a face to face with the dealer principal of the dealership to let him know you are definitely serious about the discrepancy and will not let it go. It is extremely important that you have all your facts correct, in writing and can substantiate all of the transaction on the vehicle if you do decide to pursue the issue. Just as in every transaction you should only trust what you actually know as fact. You could have requested a copy of the retail invoice from your salesperson prior to the conclusion of the sale and you should have put off signing all paperwork until you actually had all the information. This being said, most dealership salespeople are not out to cheat you and want you to be a happy customer because an unhappy customer will tell 3 times as many people as an unhappy customer.

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