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I just had my car serviced at a Saturn Center. Oil changed and tires rotated. The vehicle was logged in at 9:13, logged out at 9:59. They charged $123.01 for labor. Isn't that quite high? Parts where $36.34. Should I say something to them? Or is the norm?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Alice, WHOOAAH, if you agreed to ONLY an oil change and tire rotation that is extremely high. I would be asking questions about the bill. labor sounds about right at $12.01 it might have been a mistype. AJ Pierce

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Alice Faye Stevens, This does seem a little steep to me if all that was done was the oil change and rotating the tires. I would definitely question this price. First, you may want to check a couple of different shops in your area to get a quote as to what they would charge. Often, shops run deals and/or coupons for regular service like this. Suzanne

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