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I was told this person was a licensed buyer for the seminol auction in davie fla. the guy said I had to give him a check up front and I did and picked out 4 cars to bid on. I told him not to bid on the Nissan. he also said I would pay only what he paid for the car at the auction plus 300 dollars commission plus auction fees of 369. He said he would call at each car coming up for bid. He did not and I told him that morning not to bid on anything with high miles. He did and bought a Nissan Murano 2003 with 89000 miles and told the dealer he used it was for him. He lied to the dealer he lied to me because he paid 11500 and told me he paid 14600. I want someone to be liable and the dealer says he is not responsible because he didn't know what he was signing. The guy says tough luck try and get your difference back. I have a witness to all terms he didn't comply to what should I do. he sold it to me from the auction and I can't get a bill of sale from him. I'm lost I cant afford to take a 3100 loss.

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Patricia Algier , Owner at Valley Dealer Exchange Inc Dear T, The laws in Florida may be different than California, but there are investigators that govern our dealer activity in order to get into the auction he had to have some type of license and he was representing a dealer. Hopefully you got some sort of paperwork from him like a contract etc. I would go to your DMV and file a complaint and also Consumer affairs and you may want to file a small claims suit. You will need to have supporting documents. Patti

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) Sounds like you need a good lawyer. Or go to small claims court. However if you don't have all the agreements in writing you are most likely out of luck.

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