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My car squeaks under the fender and leans a little. Are my brakes supposed to grab and make a groaning noise?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA K, you may need to replace strut/shocks, you may need also take a look at your brake pads and condition of rotors. It may be time for brakes. AJ Pierce

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management K, The fact that your car leans to the side a little could indicate that you have a bent or broken suspension part. This can affect the control you have over the vehicle while driving. It could be dangerous and I recommend that you have it checked out as soon as possible. Also, sometimes brakes are noisy. However, if they are making loud or unusual noises and they do not feel like they are stopping the vehicle correctly, have them checked out right away also. These are both safety issues and although it may cost a small fee to have your car checked out, it is worth it to prevent a future accident. Suzanne

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