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I just posted a comment to one of your articles asking for car accessories that help make moms lives easier. I thought I'd email you directly just in case I posted it in the wrong area. Here is my story: About twelve years ago, I was a single mom with an infant daughter, going to college at Sacramento State and working full time. I had just purchased a new Honda Civic and found that she was damaging the inside of her car door by kicking it open, with school books in one hand and my daughter Brittany in the other. One day, I set out to the local auto accessory store to buy something to put along the bottom of the interior door panel to prevent further damage when she kicked her car door open. She went to a number of stores, only to discover that no such product existed. After going home and giving the idea some thought, I called a local patent attorney who initially told me that my new car invention probably already existed. I left him with notes and sketches of my DOORKICK idea, and asked him to please check for me, which he did. Long story short, by 2005, I had 2 U.S. Patents covering virtually any product or material that is placed on the interior of a vehicle door, at the time of manufacture or as after market accessories, to prevent damage to the door when kicked. My product has evolved over time to become The DOORKICK, a vinyl pad with a foam backing and a 3M adhesive that keeps The DOORKICK in place on the door in even the hottest weather, yet is easily removed with no residue or damage to the door panel. Anything hands free is great for me as a parent. I'm getting in and out of my car about 10 times a day. My hands are always full with sippy cups, backpacks, my purse, the art projects my 4 year old son Marky makes for me everyday at school. I always have to be so careful not to wrinkle his little art project or picture he just proudly handed to me or he'll have a melt down. So, with my hands full, I usually use my pinky to pop open the latch and use my foot to prop open the door the rest of the way. Many moms have told me they have the same problem. What do you think? If you'd like, you can see The DOORKICK at

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Patty Streeter,  at Dionna, We would love to review your product on please resend all of the info to and we will assign it to a write to cover the story.

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