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Wonderful Site...Actually I have several questions, relating to tires. 1. Do you have any knowledge and opinions on white wall tires. Vulcanized vs made with the white wall in place? Any suggestions as to which might be better? Coker vs. Diamond Back Tires. 2. I am leaning toward the vulcanized tires because they vulcanize a white wall onto any manufactured tire. I am wondering about the Goodyear Assurance Triple tread, the Michelin Harmony or the Kumho Solus KH16. Adding these to our 2005 PT GT with 15 inch wheels (spacer to accommodate the larger break calipers) Tire size looking for is 205/60/15. Any info feedback would be appreciated

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Denise Koeth, Managing Editor at Tire Review Magazine White rubber has nothing to do with a a tire's strength, it is purely for decoration. Because of this, it doesn't matter whether the white wall is vulcanized on while the whole tire is being cured, or whether it is added later. Coker and Diamond Back are both excellent, quality companies so I don't recommend one over the other. I'd advise you to choose the one whose price/tire design best fits what you have in mind. I can tell you've done your research, which is good. A few things to note about the 3 tires you're thinking about (Kumho, Goodyear and Michelin): The Goodyears and Michelins come with an 80,000mi. warranty, while the Kumhos offer a 60,000mi. one. I checked consumer ratings and the Goodyear tire is higher than the others in wet traction, dry traction, light and deep snow traction, ice traction and cornering stability. Keep in mind all 3 were rated pretty high, the Goodyears were just the highest. The Goodyears and Michelins are comparable price-wise (around $100), while the Kumhos are much cheaper (around $60). Kumho is still a good tire, they are just less expensive because they don't have the name recognition and popularity as the others. Here again, I'd go with the tire that fits in your price range. If you want to get one of the more expensive ones, I'd probably pick the Goodyears.

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