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Hi Patty, Terry Cruz had recommended you for some quick auto advice(I work with her). This afternoon I was on my way home and hit the service station. Came out and started the car, the temp gauge was about mid level and I just sort of went.."hmm". It went right back down once driving...then the Low Coolant light came on. Got home and let the car cool off and went back out and checked it. No fluid under the car, the overflow reservoir is at proper levels, and the radiator level is appropriate while car is running (right below the neck). Could this possibly be the thermostat..and if much does that run (have a guy who charges 35/hr for labor)? Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks! Angie

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Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Angie, Always be very careful when checking under the hood of your car, especially the coolant system. Never open the system when the vehicle is hot. Make sure the car has had enough time to cool all the way. There should be a line on your coolant reservoir that will mark where the coolant level should be when the engine is cold. Your thermostat is a switch that opens up to let coolant flow past it when it reaches a certain temperature. It will not turn on your low coolant light. If your coolant is at the correct level, you should bring your car in to a qualified technician to have it properly diagnosed. Be careful not to drive your car so it overheats. This can do damage to the engine. Suzanne

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