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Patty - Great site. I am a recruiter / trainer for a dealer group in the midwest. I have a couple of new sales professionals that happen to be women. I am looking for some ideas to share with them to market themselves and get the word out about their new chosen profession. I do not have to tell you that they are in the minority, however I also know that more and more women can and do buy cars without the help, advice or assistance of any man. I really believe that these young ladies can have a great career in this industry and benefit themselves and our organization and most importantly all of their customers. What advice would you give this tired old car dog that might be new and refreshing? Sincerely, Greg Dorff

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Patty Streeter,  at They would benefit greatly from joining the Women's Automotive Association International getting involved and learning from and being mentored by successful women in the auto industry. Go here to learn more and contact the membership director Erica Siestma for more information about how to join.

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