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My question is this: I am a realtor. My Jeep Liberty lease is up this month and I am considering two very different vehicles. 1. The Acura RDX - it's a small SUV that is quite luxurious however, it only takes premium gas and gets 17 - 18 mpg in town driving. It drives well and I like sitting high above the road. 2. The Toyota Prius - looks funky but cute - nice drive - love the MPG - would get the top one with leather and navi - don't like the fact it is low to the ground but would probably get used to it. Either car would be a lease - not much in it $ wise - perhaps a little less for the RDX. Do I go for the practical car the Prius and feel good about the mileage or should I go for the the more luxurious and probably be bummed out about the rising cost of gas but enjoy the drive. Any advice would be appreciated - Confused in Boston!

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Barbra Einsohn , Customer Relations Manager  at David McDavid Honda of Irving Dear Confused in Boston, Thank you for your inquiry. People from all walks of life are trading in their luxury vehicles for more practical vehicles and taking big hits on their trade in values. So my advice to you is to ask yourself what is more important, practicality or luxury. In these uncertain times with the extreme fluctuations in gasoline prices, I would take the Prius over any luxury car. When gas begins to stabilize you can always trade it in for the Acura and get a very good trade in value for it too. However, you may not be able to go too far in luxury if you can

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Carol, The Toyota Prius would be perfect for Boston Driving. City driving is what this car was made for. It*s fun to drive, very comfy, gets really, really good gas mileage and great for the environment. I would think your clients would be duly impressed being driven around in a Prius, plus it would be a unique experience being the passenger in such a fun car while looking for their dream house. I vote for the Prius! Amy Mattinat

Kathy Gilbert, Director Sales and Business Development at  Automotive ADP Carol, I tend to go for the vehicle that I would most enjoy to drive. However, considering the gas prices, you should also include in your evaluation how much you drive. If you are driving a lot, then I would probably go with the more practical vehicle.

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