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I have a 2000 Honda Accord. My transmission gave out last week. When I went to research online the warranty for a Honda transmission, I noticed the web was inundated with information regarding the faulty transmissions that gave out early for 1998 - 2002 Hondas. My car has less than 70,000 miles. I had brought my car in for the very expensive 60,000 mile maintenance at the Honda dealership and mentioned to the Service Advisor that my car felt sluggish to drive and seemed to have acceleration issues. I, like I am sure most women, felt like what I was saying was not a huge concern for them and that he was just pushing the buttons on the computer. At that time, I was still within the extended warranty Honda offered as part of a class action lawsuit filed against them (extended to 7 years and 9 months). Well, now, in February, I am 2 months over the extended warranty. To add insult to injury, the Service Advisor, who I honestly felt was not an advisor at all but rather an order taker, never put into the system that I had mentioned the acceleration issues. My transmission may have been slipping then and I believe they should have advised consumers about the very well documented issues with the transmission for the 2000 model. What are my options to have Honda cover the repairs and offer a goodwill repair? I REALLY dislike dealerships. Prime example, when I went to buy the car, the salesman told me what a "great color green" it was for me.....seriously!!! I have also been promised a few free oil changes due to the service department failing to advise on another issue - again, nothing was put in the computer and no one would honor it. Lesson learned, make them write everything down.

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Barbra Einsohn , Customer Relations Manager  at David McDavid Honda of Irving Dear Renee, Thank you for your inquiry. Let me address your second point first. ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!! Whenever anyone promises you anything, get it in writing and have the Service Advisor sign and date it. If you are supposed to get a free oil change then ask the Service Advisor if you can have the coupon for the free oil change right then and there so there is no confusion. Second, regarding your transmission problems, you can absolutely argue your point by taking matters up with the Service Manager of the dealership. Make a big deal about talking to him and if you don

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) Your best bet is to work directly with the factory representative. You can request this at your dealership or contact them directly through their web site. The are not required to do anything based on your description of your problems, but you might get them to honor the extended warranty if you push hard enough. The dealer does not have the ability to override the warranty but the factory rep does. Get EVERYTHING in writing and check to be sure they record all of your issues when dealing with the servicing of your vehicles.

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Renee, I am sorry, but since there is nothing in writing, I don*t believe you have a leg to stand on. For future reference whether you go to the dealer or an independent repair shop: 1. When you are dropping off your car for service, don*t let anyone rush you. The shop may be busy, but that is not your problem. To make sure they "got it" ask to have them print out two copies of the repair order. Read it over to make sure that it states all your questions and concerns. Take one copy for yourself and you can sign the other one and give it to the Service Adviser to let them know that you have a concrete understanding with them of what is happening. If they are diagnosing a problem and you want them to call you before doing any work - then make sure they state that in writing. Then you will know whether or not you were able to communicate accurately all your automotive needs. 2. If you are promised anything when you are picking up the car (like a free oil change) have them give you a certificate or print out a credit with the free oil change on it. 3. I also recommend you search high and low for a shop or dealer that will take good car of all your automotive needs. You do not have to take your brand new car or a car that is still under warranty to the dealer to keep it under warranty. At my shop, we have had plenty of clients with newer cars that we send to the Dealer for warranty work. We make sure they are all set to advocate for themselves. We provide documentation and pictures if possible. 4. Also, if you are unhappy with a certain dealer when you go in for warranty work, you have the right and option to go to another dealer. We have 2 Honda dealers near by. I always recommend one over the other. The better one is an hour away instead of ten minutes, but worth the drive. Again, there have been times that I have sent my customer to the dealer for warranty work and they don*t feel like going the extra drive. But, then they have a bad experience. When they call me to complain I remind them that they can leave... and drive the hour drive. Some do, some don*t. Where you go for automotive service a choice you have to make. Best of Luck! Amy Mattinat

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