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Is the "service engine soon" light the same as the "check engine light"? I had the service engine soon light on for a couple of days but now it is off. Thanks for your help!

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Marie, Yes these terms are the same in relaying there is a problem indicated. Sometimes a malfunction indicator light can kick on when the gas cap is not tightened all the way, and kick back off after a few key cycles. AJ Pierce

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Marie, On most vehicles, the "service engine soon" light is the same as "check engine". If that light comes on and stays on, it*s best to bring your car in to be looked at as soon as possible. If that light comes on and is flashing, it*s best to turn the vehicle off and have it towed right away to your technician. Look in your owner's manual for an explanation of this light. Suzanne

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