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If I apply jointly with someone to buy a car, does the title have to be joint as well?

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Barbra Einsohn , Customer Relations Manager  at David McDavid Honda of Irving Dear Cory, Thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question, if two people are on the car note, then they are both on the title.

Burnam Eubank, Dealer Principle at Palmetto Jaguar In South Carolina...yes...check with your state DMV

Jenny Trostel, Partner at Anderson of Hunt Valley Generally, yes, but it varies from state to state. If your name is on the loan, you want to be on the title in case the other party defaults or tries to sell the car without your knowledge. You are still responsible for the loan, even if you name is not on the title.

Shelly LoCascio, Dealer Principal  at Irwin Lincoln Mercury Mazda Cory, All state laws are different. Generally if you are paying cash, both names do not have to go on title. However, if you are financing the vehicle and both names are on the contract, most states require both names on the title. Shelly

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) That depends on the bank that finances the vehicle requirements. Some require both be on the title some do not. Be sure to make it clear to the Finance Manager who will be processing your title and loan papers exactly what you want and how you want the title and loan papers to read. That way you can eliminate any delays or surprises when you sign the final papers.

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