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My 2003 9.5 Aero Wagon has 88k miles and seized engine. Cost quote to repair is $4k used engine or $8k new engine. Dealer will take it as is in exchange for 2006 9.5 Aero Sedan with 1k miles for $35k. Do I repair with new or used engine or do I trade?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Robin, I'm confused. The dealer will take your 03 Aero Wagon with a seized engine in trade for an 06 Aero Sedan with only 1k miles and is charging you $35K. $35,000? The 06 Sedan is only worth aprox. $23k. Something is wrong with this equation. All My Best, Amy Mattinat

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Robin, I believe it all comes down to your personal budget. Do you have money to repair the vehicle? If so, is it economically savvy for you to repair that vehicle? Yes, they would take your vehicle in for trade, but it would be more of a favor to take the vehicle off your hands than give you a break on the new car sale. There is enough overhead in a new car to shave off, where you really are not receiving any money for your trade in, but may be successful in negotiating the price. AJ Pierce

Jennifer Frey, Automotive Service Writer and Technician at Hi Robin, I find it strange that your 2003 9.5 Aero has a seized engine and there is nothing that Saab can do for you. What happened to cause this? This is definitely not a normal thing to happen at 88,000 miles. I've worked for a few Honda dealers, and if there is a premature failure, (even if the vehicle is NOT under any kind of warranty), I've seen Honda do a 50/50 deal with the customer. Honda covers 50% of the cost and the customer pays the other half. Is there a reason that Saab won't do any type of deal like this for you? Their cars are so expensive because they are supposed to be better quality! In regards to the engine replacement, $8000 seems a bit extreme for a new motor, but maybe that's because I'm used to dealing with Hondas, (which are usually around $3000). I definitely would not recommend a used engine. Maybe if you had an older Saab, but not on a 2003. I guess if there is nothing Saab can do for you, you should figure out which would be more economical, (new motor vs. 2006 Saab). Even if you get the new motor put in, everything else on the car is still 5 years old, (interior, suspension, etc). A 2006 would be nice but then you'll probably have a more expensive car payment. This decision should be based on what you think is best. But I would definitely look into what Saab can do for you. How long is the normal warranty on engine components? And again, find out why the motor seized in the first place. Best of luck, Jennifer Frey

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