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I just got my mothers old Dodge Omni. It is a 1984 model with a carburated 4 cylinder. It has been sitting for about a year. It only has 54200 miles on it and is in really good condition, I put a new battery in it and it did not start right up, I thought I flooded it by pumping to much gas into it, but eventually it started. My problem is in the morning when I go to start it I have to constantly pump the gas pedal before it even tries to start. I have filled the tank with fresh gas so that is not the problem I don't think, but my friend told me that this was a problem with these cars back then. I mean I can smoke 3 cigarettes trying to get this thing started before it finally starts. This morning it took a really long time and I thought I was going to kill the battery, I could smell gas so I knew I was close to flooding it, but I kept pumping it and it finally stated to run. Can you give me some help here?

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Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Donna, First, please be careful smoking cigarettes when you smell gasoline. You really could get hurt. I suggest, before you do damage to other starting components or the engine itself, that you have your vehicle looked at by a qualified technician to help you diagnose the problem. It could be a very simple fix, but you wont know until you have it properly diagnosed. Good luck. Suzanne

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