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I have a 1998 Chevy blazer that is in excellent condition. After noticing a cooling leak I took my car to my local Chevy dealer and they said all the freeze-out plugs were leaking. The parts are very inexpensive, but the labor would be about $2500 because the transfer case and the transmission would have to be removed to gain access to the plugs. I do not think it is worth putting that amount of money in this car, but it is a shame because it is in great shape. Do you have any advise? Thank You

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Janet, You can always go to another shop, and obtain a second opinion. If you weigh out the pros and cons on the total cost of the repair, and you obtaining another car payment over a course of a few years. What is more economically savy to your pocketbook? There are freeze plugs in the rear of the motor, and yes the transmission does have to be removed to access them (or pull the motor) you can get quotes on both procedures to see which procedure will cost less. AJ Pierce

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Janet, The freeze out plugs are small plugs in the engine block that are actually meant to *pop out* in the event that it is so cold, the anti-freeze actually freezes. This is to prevent the engine block itself from cracking. Over time, these plugs can start to leak. The labor is a very big part of replacing these plugs. It is really a personal decision if you decide to have this work done or not. Some things to consider are if you have the vehicle paid off and do not want to start payments again. You may also want to check the Kelly Blue Book value. Suzanne

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