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I'm a woman in my mid-50's. I need to buy a different car because the engine on my car recently blew up. (I had my car serviced every 3,000 miles.) We live in the country in the middle of nowhere - all of the nearby towns are more than 10 miles from our home which is too far to walk, especially because I'm in my mid-50's & 100% arthritic. My ex-husband messed up my credit so I'm unable to find financing to purchase another car including through this site. Due to my husband's recent emergency major heart surgery, I have to stay home to care for my husband so we have to rely on my husband's income. My husband's credit reports contain only debts that belong exclusively to his ex-wife, all of which occurred AFTER their divorce was finalized. We've been disputing these items since January 2007 & sent proof along with our disputes to the major credit bureaus & to the companies themselves but no luck getting them removed. (I should mention that my husband's name is NOT on any of the signed paperwork & neither is my husband's signature.) Do you have any advice for me how I can buy another car?

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Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) Mary, You truly are in a bad situation, the only advice I have for you is to find a vehicle that can get you around at the absolutely lowest price you can, pay cash and keep working with the CB to get your husbands credit straightened. Also, contact your local non-profit credit counseling service to help you with this. They can intercede on your behalf and hopefully guide your through the maze that the credit bureaus present. You could try your local non-profit auto auctions, ie. Goodwill, etc to see if you can get a vehicle that has a low price. Ask all your friends, church members, etc. if they know of someone who might have a vehicle.

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