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What would a used vehicle with 70,000 mile possibly need? I was told to ask if the timing belt had been changed before buying the car because this is very costly? Should I repair the car's cylinder head? cost $2000. The car has 250,000 miles and my daughter 20 year old loves driving this car. I have spent 2500 for a new tires,thermostat,fan clutch,wheel bearings and brake pads on this car!!!! what do you think???HELP!!!

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Kim Walker, Marketing Director at Peak Automotive What is typically required at 70,000 miles depends on the make/model of the vehicle. For your BMW at this mileage an Inspection 2 would be due - which includes a Synthetic Oil and Filter Change, Air Filter, rotate tires, Spark plugs, fuel filter (may be due at this time). This does not include any maintenance that may have been missed by the previous owner. If a car with 250,000 miles has never had a timing belt replaced I would not recommend purchasing unless you plan to have that replaced. If the timing belt fails it could easily ruin your engine. Regarding your cylinder head, we would not recommend this (based on this mileage) to a client of ours because at that mileage the vehicle's "bottom end" would still be untouched after the cylinder head was replaced. If you really want to keep the car we would recommend a replacement engine (with a long block).

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Francesca, When buying a used vehicle in a private sale, ALWAYS, please, have a qualified technician look at it. Private sales are almost always "as is" and you can really buy yourself a problem if you're not careful. If the owner will not allow you to bring the vehicle to a shop to have it looked at, there is probably a reason. Suzanne

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