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How can I tell if I am getting a good deal on repair work on my vehicle when I bring it in to a dealership. I never know if I should follow the suggestions or not.

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Jessica, It*s hard to define "what is a good deal on repair work". It all depends on your personal wants, needs and budget. My definition of a "good deal" is: A shop or dealer that provides exceptional service with repairs done right the first time. A shop or dealer that knows the customer by name, has a clean environment, and that develops relationships based on mutual respect and trust. The technicians are ASE Certified, and get training in all new automotive technology. The shop or dealership invests in up-to-date diagnostic equipment and tools. They use top quality parts and provide a great warranty that the shop or dealership stands behind. Their goal is to provide preventive maintenance so their customer's vehicle never break down. They do a vehicle inspection each time so they can give their customers a heads up on repairs and maintenance service. This helps to budget what is needed to keep a vehicle safe and reliable. A shop or dealer that can provides all this is a "good deal." All My Best, Amy Mattinat

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jessica, The auto manufacturer publishes suggested maintenance intervals for your vehicle. According to how many miles you have on your expedition suggests what maintenance is recommended at that time. You can rely on that guide as to what needs to be serviced. You are paying top notch for labor and parts when you go to a dealership, they should have a 12 month or 12k mile warranty on all services rendered to you. Most dealerships offer a free inspection, take that inspection if you so choose and comparison shop on prices. AJ Pierce

Jennifer Frey, Automotive Service Writer and Technician at Hi Jessica, An authorized dealership is definitely a great place to get work done on your vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be more expensive when compared to independent shops. This is because you are paying for Ford factory parts as opposed to after market. In my experience, factory parts are much better than after market because they are specifically designed for your vehicle. You are also paying for a Ford factory trained technician to work on your vehicle as opposed to a general mechanic. When you take your vehicle to a dealer it will go to a technician who has worked on a vehicle just like yours many, many times. An independent technician may have only seen your vehicle a couple of times, so it*s a bit harder for them. However, sometimes you can find an independent shop that specializes in Fords. All in all, the decision really is up to you. Keep in mind that you can shop around at other Ford dealers in your area, and the prices can be quite different. Most dealerships will price match other dealerships so remember that as well. Good luck in finding the right repair facility! Jennifer Frey

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