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I'm having problems with my 1996 BMW 328. The check engine light keeps going on and off and my temperature gage is staying on cold and my car starts to shake when I start it in the morning. What can it be?

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Kim Walker, Marketing Director at Peak Automotive I'm sorry to tell you that this could be multiple things. Unfortunately you really need to have this diagnosed by a qualified technician that has the BMW diagnostic tool to diagnose this problem. You will likely have to pay a diagnostic fee. We could "guess" what the problem might be but that is not only costly but these trial and error methods are not effective.

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Fred, If you have the "hard" DTC (diagnostic trouble code) you can determine from the manufacturer*s publications what is causing your drivability concern. You may have the luxury of stopping by your local parts store for a FREE diagnostic check for a course of action to the right repair. Your CTS (coolant temperature sensor) may be faulty to cause your temperature gauge to become inoperative. AJ Pierce

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Fred, To correctly diagnose these problems, I would recommend that you bring your vehicle to a qualified technician. The temperature gauge issue indicates a possible problem with your thermostat, but I'm not sure if this is related to your other problems without doing some testing. If you're having a problem finding a trustworthy technician, Ask Patty has a list of shops that we recommend. Suzanne

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