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I have a chance to buy a 1997 BMW 4-door with only 10,000 miles on it. Will maintenance be expensive say compared to an American car?

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Kim Walker, Marketing Director at Peak Automotive Yes - maintaining a high end European car compared to an American car is absolutely going to cost more. I would recommend that in order for you to make an educated decision - that you contact a reputable BMW repair shop (try an Independent!) and find out what they typically charge for the Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 for BMW's. Also remember that oil changes for this car should be synthetic oil and not conventional oil. The GOOD side - only 10,000 miles! WOW - for a 97? That's incredible! Be sure that the car has not been sitting for a while because that could create its own set of troubles. Getting a car with this low mileage on it will give you the control to keep the car in tip top shape. BE SURE to get a pre-purchase inspection on the car - even though it only has 10,000 miles - the car is a 97 - 11 years old! Surely it's been sitting at times and you want to make sure that everything is in good shape. Kim Walker Peak Automotive

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