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Is it worth paying for the 40,000 mile inspection for my 2005 Passat? It

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Stephanie, I do encourage my clients to have us do a thorough inspection before their warranty is up so we could get them coverage if need be. But, $500-600 for an inspection, and only an inspection is outrageous. Even at a labor rate of $100.00, that is five to six hours for the technicians to complete the inspection. I

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Stephanie, You can always have a general inspection performed on the vehicle, and request a sample of fluid conditions. You can go by the guide set out by VW on what is "recommended" at 40k, or perform maintenance in intervals where it is more cost effective to you. If you have a warranty issue, you must present receipts to show that you have maintained the vehicle. AJ Pierce

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