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What are the statistics on parents involved in car crashes due to their child crying in the rear facing infant seat?

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Patty Streeter,  at Here is a great article on AskPatty that provides many resources to get detailed advice on this topic: And Here: My child screams the entire time in the car. It is distracting to me and I think I should turn him around forward-facing. He will be happier, and I will not be a distracted driver. This tends to be one of the biggest reasons why parents turn children forward-facing. What they don't realize is that they are taking a huge gamble on their child's safety. It is no fun to listen to a crying baby, especially in the car. However, it is MUCH better to have a crying baby than a dead baby. Many parents have found that children can be MORE of a distraction forward-facing than they were rear-facing. The child can now see you, see what you are eating/drinking, and can demand attention from you. If your child is still in an infant seat and is crying, trying switching to a rear-facing convertible. If your child is already in the convertible seat, investigate the seat itself to insure that it isn't causing your child discomfort. Check to make sure it isn't pinching, poking, or digging into your child. Have your seat installed by a certified technician. A misuse can also cause discomfort to the child.

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