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I need to gently push my aging father into buying a new age-appropriate car. He lives in VA, I live in NYC. How can I make the car buying process as painless as possible for him? I

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Anne, Toyota Avalons are great cars, comfortable and easy to drive. They are on the large size, but if this is what he is use to, it won

Juliet Potter, Creative Director at autoChic Hi Anne, To plant a seed, start talking anecdotal stories about how your girlfriend has a Dad in the same position and this is what HE did... Then hit him with some real facts and information to back this all up. Start emailing him relevant information/stories/opinions regarding the appropriate car, and why it is is right for him. I would contact a local recommended Toyota dealership through the Ask Patty Dealer Network and organize a test drive on his behalf. Avalons are perfect cars for seniors by the way! Let me know how you go! Juliet :)

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