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I have a beautiful 1985 Jaguar XJS in excellent condition. I am the original and only owner. A year ago the rear main seal began leaking very slightly. My mechanics advise not to do a thing. They further say that if it is ever fixed, the car will never go back together the same. My question relates to longevity. If everything else is maintained in excellent condition, what can I expect regarding the leak? How long will the car last in that condition?

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Kim Walker, Marketing Director at Peak Automotive Barbara, As far as the rear main seal leak in your Jaguar - the 1985 XJS is equipped with a

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Barabra, Rear main seals are where the motor meets the transmission, if it is not a significant leak, then learn how to regularly check the oil. As long as you maintain the oil level at the full line you have no worries. Pull the oil dipstick out, wipe it clean with a lint free rag, place it back in the dipstick tube and pull out a second time for the accurate oil level reading. You should do this with the engine off. How often you check it depends on the severity of the leak. AJ Pierce

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