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We have a 2003 Escape with a CD player. We have a CD stuck and cannot remove it. We have been advised to replace the entire radio system as it is as cheap as having the labor done to remove the CD

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Kakie, CD stuck in the CD player. Bummer! Question for you. Was it a homemade CD that you had put a label on? If it was, could be the label came off and is jammed up in the player. You should never put a label on a CD that you are going to put into your car CD player. Just use a sharpie marker and write on the back of the CD. What to do.... If the opening to the CD player is wide enough you may be able to use long tweezers to grab the CD and pull out while you are hitting the eject button at the same time. But.... In reality, the CD player is probably going to have to come out and manually take out the jammed CD or Replace the system. All My Best, Amy

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Kakie, I would make sure that the replacement of the CD player is not covered by the original factory warranty, or extended warranty that you may have acquired at purchase of vehicle. A lot of times if you play "burnt" CD

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Kakie, From my experience, you have been advised correctly. After they do remove the CD, you never know if it is going to work correctly again. I used to work for a Ford dealership and I have seen this situation before. I would also recommend replacing the CD player. Suzanne

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