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A quick check of my car on a diagnostics report told me that my O2(B1 S1) Heater Circuit caused my check engine light to turn on. What I want to know is what is it and how do I get it fixed?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Brenda, You oxygen sensor (O2) bank 1 (B1) Sensor 1 (S1) has become faulty, An oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the exhaust. It becomes faulty from excessive build up in the exhaust, and is located in the catalytic converter. Automotive oxygen sensors, colloquially known as O2 sensors or lambda sensors, make modern electronic fuel injection and emission control possible. They determine if the air/fuel ratio exiting a gas-combustion engine is rich (with unburnt fuel vapor) or lean (with excess oxygen). Take your vehicle to a reputable repair facility for repair. Usually if one has become faulty, the others are not far behind. Most models have 2 or 3 O2 sensors. It's also possible that there is another problem that has made the O2 sensor go bad. You want to know this before you just replace the sensor, otherwise the new one will go bad as well. AJ Pierce

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