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My car was flooded on Tuesday. Is it salvageable? Or should I try to get my insurance to total it out? The water level was up to the dash, it was on an incline and the most of the engine was submerged for almost 24 hours, fresh water. Thanks.

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Oh My Olivia, Water up to the dash of your Chevy Equinox for 24 hours?! Yes, get your insurance company to total it. The common problems after a car is flooded are: airbag systems that can malfunction with no warning, mold and mildew that can make you sick, ruined electrical parts that create havoc over and over...brake system problems, engine problems... and the list goes on. Best to start all over with a un-flooded car! All My Best, Amy Mattinat

Kim Walker, Marketing Director at Peak Automotive I strongly suggest that you work with the Insurance company to have this car totaled. A flooded car is very problematic. If your insurance adjuster doesn

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