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Hi, The year of my car is a 1997. I got into my car to start up. It didn

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Richette, If it is freezing temperatures in your area, that could be an explanation. Pumping the gas pedal one time could have given it enough extra fuel at that time to help the cold start. If it is not cold right now in your area, you may just need a fuel system cleaning to flush out excessive carbon in your fuel rails and injectors. AJ Pierce

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Richette, Pumping the gas pedal on a fuel injected vehicle is usually not a good idea. Because the computer is constantly taking readings, this can send a signal indicating too much fuel and then adjust less air or change in when the spark happens. If you are having trouble with your vehicle starting it is best to get it to a shop so that they can diagnose the problem. Vehicles today are not the same as the old carburated vehicles that almost required you to step on the gas. If you're having to press the pedal once the vehicle is started to keep it running then you may have a fuel problem, which could be pressure, injectors or the filter. Lori Johnson

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