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I went to ford for oil change and they put the coolant where the oil goes, then the car coolant light was coming on. My service contract that I paid $4,400 for wouldn

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Lorraine, They put coolant into your engine? How much? How long did you drive it this way? Who figured out what had happened? Is it documented on any paperwork you got from the dealer that they put coolant into your engine? How long were you driving with the coolant light on? Was the coolant light on because the coolant was low, and they topped it off into the engine... and then you were still driving with the coolant low? Coolant in an engine is a BAD thing! This all sounds like a terrible situation. If a mechanic at a dealership put coolant into your engine, then the dealership is responsible for the damage done. If they are not willing fix their mistake, then you should talk with your local attorney generals office or find a lawyer. Best of Luck, Amy Mattinat

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Lorraine, If the dealership put coolant in the oil, they should cover any damage that they did. As long as you have kept up on your regular maintenance and have not altered your vehicle with after market parts, your warranty should still be in effect. Read over your warranty very carefully. I used to work for a Ford dealership and I cannot believe that they would cause damage and not correct the problem. I would suggest that you very politely but firmly keep asking questions and make sure management is very much involved in this problem. Good luck. Suzanne

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