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My blazer won't start! It had a new starter put in it before I even bought it, and last winter I forget what needed to be changed, but something about the truck already thinking it was started, it just keeps grinding, and refuses to start, my mechanic has had it for 2 weeks and STILL can't figure out what's wrong, I know it could be DOZENS of problems. I think I need some help on this... ANY clue?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Amber, Sounds like you could be looking at a possible fuel pump falfunction. Make sure he has tested fuel pressure, and fuel pump operation AJ Pierce

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Amber, I would suggest that you take your vehicle to a Chevy dealer. There was a TSB, Technical Service Bulletin, out on the starters for some of those vehicles so they may know exactly what the problem is. If someone is taking 2 weeks to try to figure out what's wrong, you need to get someone else to look at it. It's very possible that the faulty starter caused other problems that this technician is not aware of. Lori Johnson

Michelle Wingard, Automotive Expert at, Inc. Could you describe the type of grinding you're hearing? Is it more of a "whirring" sound? If you hear an actual metallic grind, I would ask you to suggest that your mechanic check out your flexplate. It sounds as though maybe the teeth have been sheared off the wheel, preventing the starter from starting the vehicle.

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Amber Wilcocks, If your engine is turning, I can tell you it

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