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Yesterday morning after my car sat for a couple of days, I had to use it to run to the store. Before cranking it I sat and pumped the gas pedal for a minute and the cranked it. It just turned over. I continued to pump the pedal and after a few tries it acted like it wanted to start but just teased me. I then tried pumping it as fast as I could while cranking it and nothing. I smelled gas after about 5 minutes. My girlfriend said that I might have flooded it and that I should hold the pedal to the floor. I tried that a couple of times and nothing. So I began pumping the pedal again. After a few minutes it began to fire and almost start but that was it. Again I just pumped it without cranking it. I gave it one more try and it finally started. Anyone out there ever have this problem? My neighbor said that the choke could not be closing and that those big V8 engines need lots of gas to start when cold. Is this true. I don

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Julie, I suggest you take your car into the shop and have them diagnose why your car is having trouble starting. Please make sure you tell them that it sat for 8 months and that you put in a new battery recently. You need to have the problem taken car of, or it will get worse. All My Best, Amy Mattinat

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