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I have a 94 manual Acura Integra. I just had the clutch replaced then the clutch master cylinder. I have noticed lately that the engine is idling high. When it cold starts, it started idling around 1500 rpms. Now, the engine constantly revs when I

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Connie, Thank You for writing into askpatty, to address your idle appears to be in idle air control valve that could possibly be stopped up. If the vehicle is at prime operating temperature (needle in middle range of gauge)...then that defiantly points to an idle air control issue. If it is not getting warmed up to operating temperature according to the gauge it could point to a thermostat concern, and the engine control module is trying to compensate for the thermostat malfunction. Hope this helps point you in a better direction. AJ Pierce

Michelle Wingard, Automotive Expert at, Inc. Dear Connie, While unrelated to your clutch replacement, your vehicle is displaying characteristics of a faulty idle air control valve. This sensor measures the air in your engine at the throttle body, and regulates your idle. If this component fails, the idle may become erratic, the vehicle could stall, the idle could hang in a higher range, and so on. Best of luck! Michelle

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Connie, Your revving problem is unrelated to your clutch. The first thing I would do is check all your fluids (coolant {make sure the engine is COLD before checking the coolant}, oil, transmission fluid). You should also make an appointment with your auto technician to have this problem diagnosed. It will probably not correct itself, and this minor problem could get worse and then become a major problem!

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