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I have a 1998 Toyota Forerunner. It runs perfectly. It

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Della, I am a service manager at a local Toyota dealership, and indeed those Toyotas go and go, you just have to take care of them. Performing the 90k service is a large investment, but worth it to not have a car payment. I am in the far west KY/TN border area, a lot of country a lot of lower income communities we are priced accordingly. Our prices are as follows $383.65 (timing belt) $153.72 (water pump) $190.65 (transmission flush) $149.99 (coolant flush) $163.78 (v-6 Iridium spark plugs) $39.99 (cabin air filter)....and there still could be more that is needed for a customer at the 90k mile mark. In my opinion they are right in line with the average price, ask if they have coupons. AJ Pierce Toyota Service Manager

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Della, At 90,000 miles your 4-runner will be due for the timing belt and a tune-up. A $1000 estimate seems about right for a "Complete Timing Belt Job" and if they have put the tune-up on this estimate, that is a good deal. Just make sure you are getting a "complete timing belt job!" A complete timing belt job includes: 1. Replacement of the timing belt and and other accessory belts as needed (alternator, power steering, air conditioning). 2. Replacing the Water Pump 3. Replacing the crankshaft seal and any other seals under the timing cover. (These rubber seals get hard and inflexible and should be changed now to avoid oil leaks which can ruin your new timing belt.) 4. Replacing the idler and tensioner pulleys. (Little ball bearing pulleys that the belt runs over. Their life expectancy is approx. 100,000 miles.) A Complete Timing Belt Job is Big. I only recommend it to clients that want to have this vehicle for another 90,000 miles or more. And living in California, if you take care of your 4-Runner, you could get way over 200,000 miles on it. I tell my clients if they want to go another 100,000 miles in their vehicle, they are going to need to make an investment in it, or they should jump ship and get a newer vehicle. To be clear, we specialize on Toyota, Honda and Subaru. I would not necessarily recommend investing in any kind of vehicle. Also, I would make sure we looked the vehicle over thoroughly (a 15,000 mile maintenance inspection) to make sure there were no safety issues that needed attention first, and that the vehicle was solid enough to merit investing a large amount of money in it to drive for another 4-6 years. The timing belt is inside your engine. You can

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Della, To get a complete list of the services needed at 90,000 miles, check your owners manual, or get a list from your dealership. I

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