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My son recently drove his 1995 900s Saab into 2 feet of water it was removed rather quickly but did not start. The next day we tried again and it did start and ran for quite a while but then died. What is the potential damage to the vehicle and is it worth trying to keep?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jennifer, You could have sucked water into the intake, pull the dipstick out for the oil and make sure it is not "milkshake" consistency. You can change the fuel filter and change the spark plugs....see if that improves your drivability concerns. There is not a whole lot to recommend in a water logged situation, being that is it over 10 years old it very well may not be worth pouring money into fixing this vehicle AJ Pierce

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Jennifer, 2 feet of water... did it get into the cabin of the car? If it did, it is highly likely that there has been major damage to the electric system of the car, and that it would be classified as a "flood car." If it did not get into the cabin, then it may be worth taking it to an automotive technician to diagnose why it is having starting problems. If you do take it in for diagnoses, make sure you tell the tech about the 2 ft of water.

Kim Walker, Marketing Director at Peak Automotive The "potential" damage is that it could be a total loss; however it could be as little as one single damaged component. I would suggest having a qualified (ASE certified) technician diagnose the damage. be prepared to pay a diagnostic fee for the technicians time, tools and experience.

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