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Hi, I will be purchasing a new car in the next 8 months and I am VERY interested in fuel economy and emissions. However, I need a car that is the size and type of the Porsche Cayenne, GMC Acadia or Range Rover. I would love to have a luxury car with great fuel economy and I don

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd ..

Patty Streeter,  at Like the 2008 Pontiac Vibe you will see many new choices for greener cars announced so stay tuned! Here is a list of 2007 Hybrid Choices now: * Ford Escape Hybrid * 2WD 36 mpg (city)/31 mpg (highway) * 4WD 32 mpg (city)/29 mpg (highway) * Lexus RX 400h - (AWD) 27 mpg (city)/25 mpg (highway) * Mazda Tribute Hybrid - Twin of Ford Escape Hybrid * Saturn "Green Line" VUE Hybrid - (2WD) 27 mpg (city)/32 mpg (highway) * Mercury Mariner Hybrid - (4WD) 32 mpg (city)/29 mpg (highway) * Toyota Highlander Hybrid * 2WD 33 mpg (city)/28 mpg (highway) * 4WD 31 mpg (city)/27 mpg (highway) * Honda Accord Hybrid- 25 mpg (city)/34 mpg (highway) * Honda Civic Hybrid- 49 mpg (city)/51 mpg (highway) * Lexus GS 450h- 25 mpg (city)/28 mpg (highway) * Toyota Camry Hybrid- 40 mpg (city)/38 mpg (highway) * Toyota Prius- 48 mpg (city)/54 mpg (highway) * Saturn "Green Line" Aura Hybrid- 28 mpg (city)/35 mpg (highway) * Nissan Altima HEV - 42 mpg (city)/36 mpg (highway) * Chevy Silverado Classic 15 Hybrid * 2WD 18 mpg (city)/21 mpg (highway) * 4WD 17 mpg (city)/19 mpg (highway) * GMC Sierra Classic 15 Hybrid * 2WD 18 mpg (city)/21 mpg (highway) * 4WD 17 mpg (city)/19 mpg (highway) 23 GM non Hybrid Vehicles get 30 MPG see the list here: Go here to download and print the 2008 new model fuel economy guide:

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