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Post-Purchase Dilemma: I paid "sticker price" for a brand new vehicle. Only stopped by to "window shop" and drove off the lot with a new vehicle. I had done lots of research on reliability, reputation of the same, but no price research, as I thought it was unaffordable. They only negotiated monthly payment. I never was informed of purchase price. I am planning to meet with the general manager of dealership to see if there is any hope of getting some kind of resolution before going to Better Business Bureau and Attorney General

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Rebecca Chernek, President and Founder at Chernek Consulting Inc. Dear Sharon- I think you are doing the right thing by allowing the general manager at the dealership opportunity to remedy the situation. If the transaction recently transpired chances may be the general manager will throw in a few goodies to keep you a satisfied customer. During the sales process did you sign a sales agreement or some kind of a buyers agreement which indicated what you paid for the car? If not you may want to mention this fact to the general manager. Were you presented with a menu type option which included the specific price of the vehicle with a base payment and several other product options to choose from? It is unfortunate that you feel as if you have been taken advantage of by paying full sticker- the manager should have reviewed the entire price of what you paid for the car prior to signing a finance contract. If you were not provided with the opportunity to review a buyers agreement please point this out to the general manager and hopefully he will do the right thing! Let him know you have inquired on and make it a point to show him the site. I believe he will think twice before making a final decision. If the general manager doesn

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