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I have a 2001 Mit. Galant and recently my temperature control for setting my air has gotten difficult to turn. I can move it to the hot position but I only get cold air and no heat when I turn it up. My air conditioning is very cold and stays cold when I move the temp. gauge to hot. I am just wondering if you know if this a minor control gauge problem or a more serious problem, such as the heating unit itself.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Tibber, "The heating unit itself" the heat of the motor dissipated by the coolant through out the system, the heat through the vents is the radiant heat from the motor itself. I believe your problem lies in the cable that controls the air flow through your vents (H-VAC). If the switch is difficult to turn, than the direct result may be the metal rod connected to it to charge direction of air flow from cold to hot. Some instances the glove box can be popped out, and you can have access to that duct work. AJ Pierce

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Tibber, When you turn your knob to hot or cold, you are moving a blend door open and closed. If this knob has become hard to turn, then there is usually something wrong with either the blend door itself, or the cable or rod between the knob and the door. The movement of this door allows heat to enter one way, and cold air to enter the other. Depending on the problem, it may just be an easy adjustment. Lori Johnson

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