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What is the best way to get the price down and negotiate a lease on the 2008 model? Also, a hybrid 4 yr lease vs regular RX SUV, which is better deal (with cost of gas rising)?

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Marnie Kramer, Owner and Creator at Dear Amy, Thank you for visiting Negotiating really depends on demand. If the vehicle is in high demand the dealer does not have the need to give big discounts. Now, if you go to a dealer ready to buy on the last couple days of the month you may be able to get a better deal regardless of demand if they have quotas they are close to hitting. As for the Hybrid vs. Gas vehicle, the Hybrids are definitely not at the perfect balance yet, but they are getting there. The decision is really best based on your driving habits. If you drive a ton of miles then the higher Hybrid cost may be justified quicker. Here is a link to an interesting article that might help you make your decision. Good Luck Sincerely, Marnie Kramer Everything Carz

Susan Givens, Publisher at Auto Success Magazine - System Publishing , Inc. Hi Amy, When negotiating a lease, there are several options that you can use in getting your price down. 1. The more money you put down, the less the payments will be. 2. The longer the lease (3 years vs. 5 years) will decrease the payments. 3. The amount of mileage per year. If you don

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