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How many miles can I generally go before having to install new brakes? Chevy Tahoe 2004?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Sarah, How often you need to have new brakes installed depends on a number of things: 1. How you drive makes a huge difference on how fast you brakes will wear out. I have one customer that we install new brake pads every 8 months. She lives on a long hill and has the bad habit of tailgating and slamming on her brakes over and over. I have had other customers that go many years with out needing any brake work, and everything in between. 2. What type of brake job you receive will also determine how long the brakes will last. If the caliper (the large metal piece that straddles the brake rotor and holds the 2 brake pads in place)are old and full of gunk, they can cause one or both pads to be stuck on all the time and unless they are serviced and cleaned you will be replacing the brake pads very quickly. 3. There are also different quality brake pads. The cheaper ones won

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