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I purchased our daughter a 1999 VW beetle For $5500 for her 16yr. birthday. We did not have it inspected - bad mistake - we were dumb. So, when we purchased the car we knew the AC did not work. Within 3 wks of the purchase, not only did we repair the A/C blower motor, blower motor resistor and climate control panel, we had to replace the battery, clutch kit and the fly wheel converter. Upon pick up, they also recommended the timing belt, the water pump , serpentine belt , tensioners & rollers be replaced within 30 days. Having the car two days after 1st repairs, now alternator is out and needs to be replaced. This shop found leaks and more maintenance repairs needed. So far we have put in over $2000 in repairs. Looks like we are in for another $2000. Should we just sale the car and cut our losses? At the end of all the repairs, we could have purchased a new vehicle at $9500. ANY advice??

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Dear Donna, I am so sorry you are having to learn the hard way that it is imperative to have a used car inspected by a professional mechanic before you purchase it. To make an informed decision on whether to invest or bail on this Beetle I suggest you take the car to a professional mechanic and have them do a thorough used car inspection. You want to ask them to prioritize all the repairs and maintenance the vehicle will need to make it safe and reliable. Then you want to have them give you an estimate for each repair and service work needed. This will give you the the whole picture of this vehicle so you will know whether you are almost done going through what we call a "repair cycle" or whether the vehicle is in such bad shape that it would be better to sell it, cut your losses and move on to another used car. All My Best, Amy Mattinat New from Askpatty: Ask Patty is announcing CarBlabber. It's car reviews for women by women like you! What does your car mean to you? Do you love or hate your car? Is your car a fashion statement or a pile of junk? We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about your car. Ask Patty is offering a lineup of amazing products as prizes to CarBlabber members (and signing up is totally free!). All you have to do is create a profile, review a car and add a photo to your review! Sign up at

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Donna, It sounds like you have learned about what can happen when purchasing a vehicle without having it looked over by a professional. A couple of dollars to have it looked over can save you a small fortune in the end. I think it

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