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What are some questions to ask a car dealer when buying a used car? What are somethings that are not included in the price when u buy a car?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Travis, Here are a list of questions I like answered:

Susan Seboda, President at Congressional Motors Hello Travis, When buying a used car you should ask the following questions: 1)Ask to see the Carfax report. This will tell you if the car has been in a major accident. 2)Review the mileage on the car. 3)Ask about the maintenance history. 4)Ask what the Kelly Blue Book value is on car. This way you can get an idea if the dealer is charging a fair price. 5)Always clearly understand what warranty the dealer is offering on the car, if any. 6)If you are concerned about future maintenance costs it might be a good idea to ask what extended warranties are available. 7)Some manufacturers have a certified program. Ask the dealer if they have any certified cars and what the certification actually covers. It will vary between brands. 8)If the brand you are interested in does have a certified program, you should ask if there is any special financing available on certified cars. For example, VW Credit offers special rates for financing VW certified cars. Of course you should always test drive any car you are considering purchasing. Additional questions about the operation of the vehicle may arise during the test drive. When reviewing the price of the car, typically taxes, tags and fees are not included in the advertised price. Ask the Dealer what the "on the road" price is so you know exactly what your total cost will be. The amount of these fees varies from State to State. I hope this helped! Thanks, Sue Seboda Congressional Motors Rockville, MD 301-424-7800

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